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The Good Life Over For Now


The Good Life

The Fig campaign for White Owls Inc's new title, The Good Life, has officially come to an end and failed to meet its campaign goal. At the campaign's end, the game's director, Hidetaka Suehiro, issued a statement in which he claimed responsibilty for what he believed to be the reasons for the game's failure, including confusing messaging about what the game was about, an unreasonable funding goal, and poorly thought out backer tiers that only served to further complicate the campaign.

However, White Owls Inc is not planning to drop the project. Further on in his statement, Suehiro announced that the company plans to relaunch the game, this time via Kickstarter. This time around it plans to launch with clearer messaging in trailers, physical versions available from the beginning, and lower funding goal due to new partners to be announced at a later date. The company plans to relaunch the campaign by the end of the year at which point further details will be made available.

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