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Dragon Quest XI Comes to Jump Festa


Dragon Quest XI

Square Enix put on a big showing of its newest mainline Dragon Quest title, Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time, at this weekend's Jump Festa in Tokyo. During its stage event, the company confirmed that the game will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS in Japan sometime in 2017.

Square Enix also revealed some early details about the game itself. The game's protagonist is 16 when his adventure begins, and hails from the quiet village of Ishi. His first partner was also revealed. Camus is a blue-haired thief and although he has somewhat crude behaviour, he combines that with a strong sense of duty in aiding the protagonist.

Dragon Quest XI's world is known as Lotozetasia and has a world tree at the centre of the map. The series familiar casino and the "Puff-puff" ability will return. The 3DS version will have StreetPass functionality, the exact details of which are yet to be confirmed, with some PlayStation 4 features also being prepared. Square Enix released the game's opening movie, Camus' (PS4) introduction scene, and a gameplay trailer for both the 3DS and PS4 versions, all of which are viewable below.

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