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Akiba's Beat Receives Dual Voice Option


Akiba's Beat

During its panel at AkibaFest in Los Angeles last weekend, XSEED Games revealed that its North American release of Akiba's Beat will include an English dub. The release will let players choose between the Japanese and English voiceover options. Both languages will be available on disc with the PlayStation 4 release, though PlayStation Vita buyers will have the download the Japanese audio as free DLC. XSEED Games also revealed that all pre-orders at participanting retailers will come with a 3.5" plush of the game's mascot character, Pinkun.

Akiba's Beat is a spirtual successor to the adventure title Akiba's Trip and is said to put a satirical spin on the classic JRPG formula. The game sees players wander around Akibahara and question its inhabitants before they dive into fantasy-themed dungeons called Delusionscapes. Akiba's Beat is due to be released in North America for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita sometime in Q1 2017.

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