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Dragon Quest Heroes RPG Elements, Character Info


Does Dragon Quest Heroes play like a Musou game? Does it feel more like an action RPG? What kind of game is Dragon Quest Heroes? The game ends up having some DNA from both camps, and despite being much different from a traditional Dragon Quest game, it does offer a number of throwbacks to the main series.

Along with leveling up a party and upgrading equipment like in a standard RPG, Dragon Quest Heroes also features an alchemy system to upgrade weapons and accessories much like in Dragon Quest VIII and IX. The swarms of enemies fought in the game drop key ingredients to this process along with money to buy new equipment as well. Character weapons include classic DQ items such as the newcomer Isla's boomerang and returning favorite Jessica's whip.

Weapons are not the only returning staple of Dragon Quest, as there are also spells and skills from the main series. Kiryl from Dragon Quest IV can use the Whack spell to instantly kill enemies, if it successfully hits. Not only does Jessica brandish her trademark whip, but she also has the Sexy Beam skill to confuse enemies similar to how it worked in Dragon Quest VIII.

The other characters have weapons and skills that match their style of play in their respective Dragon Quest games, so when choosing a four-person party players will have a good deal of variety available. While characters will not be taking turns swapping hits with enemies, players will be able to jump between characters mid-battle to take advantage of their specific skill sets. This is definitely not a traditional Dragon Quest experience, but there are still a lot of familiar aspects available to fans of the series. For more info about the characters in this October 13 PlayStation 4 release, check out the handy infographic from Square Enix on the side.


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