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Kickstarter Check-In: Americana Dawn


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Bit Bonton's Americana Dawn is back on Kickstarter, this time with a new engine and larger team. This game tells the story of a mythical America where spirits of rivers and the sea interact with historical figures like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. The character and background sprites show off a strong JRPG heritage, but the Shnabubula soundtrack and flowing illustrations by Juri Hayasaka Chinchilla transform the aesthetics into something unique.

Shifting allegiances and the passage of time are major themes. Foster, the protagonist, is exceptionally long-lived, so he observes more change than the average Flashman or Gump. As time passes, Foster is bound to change as well.

The game takes place over more than two-hundred years of American war and revolution, so combat is a major focus. Skirmishes, which include up to three of the six playable characters, occur on flat tactical grids. Special techniques are powered by cooldown timers. Larger conflicts take place on a world map similar to Suikoden's mass combat. Unlike Suikoden units change mid-combat. Infantrymen can steal the enemy's horses to become cavalry or seize artillery emplacements to fire on their owners.

The trailer shows a wide range of environments and gives a taste of the visuals and sound. Further examples of the latter, including The Grouch Lord of London Bridge, are available on YouTube.

More information is available via Kickstarter and Greenlight.

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