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FInal Fantasy XI Invites Old Players Back


Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin

Even after more than a decade of active service, Final Fantasy XI is still growing and changing. In a bid to show old fans how much it has changed, Square Enix is currently holding an "11th Vana'versary Return Home to Vana'diel" campaign. Until December 23, old FFXI accounts will be reactivated for free, giving lapsed players a fresh chance to see their old hunting grounds. To make this easier, players who don't have their old game discs laying around can make use of a free download of the Windows version of the game, and Square Enix is also offering a free trial of all expansions up through Seekers of Adoulin. There are some restrictions to be wary of, so anyone curious about the trial should read the official site.

Square Enix has also released a trailer highlighting Final Fantasy XI's December update. In addition to adding the usual range of new content, this update will add a wide variety of core system improvements. These include a unified currency list, faster movement speed, new teleportation options, and the ability to summon and fight alongside major story NPCs.

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Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin
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