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Kickstarter Check-In: Fairy Tales


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Today's Kickstarter report is for two games with charming, fairy tale-style art. Both games have some non-traditional twists that set them apart, and both also have early demos available that give players a better idea of how the games look and feel.

Festival of Magic by Snowcastle Games is a JRPG-inspired game featuring turn-based combat and some light farming sim gameplay. It features an unlikely partnership between its two main characters, a desert scavenger named Amon and an army pilot named Ive.

The game's combat system includes partner characters who supply different support moves to the party depending on which warrior character they're partnered with. Warrior characters like Amon and Ive use special weapons that are fueled with biological ammunition. Players will grow this ammunition in Amon's hometown, which is reachable via magic portals around the world.

Edit: As of December 9, Snowcastle has decided to postpone the Festival of Magic Kickstarter until February, 2014. The company hopes to better prepare for its fundraising campaign and increase exposure to the game by scheduling outside of the Christmas season.

Bloom: Memories isn't a traditional RPG. It's a genre blend with a unique art style and the option to solve the problems facing its world in a non-violent fashion. It's not easy as of yet to get a full idea of Bloom's actual gameplay, even with the available engine demo, but the premise is certainly unique.

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