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Genroku Legends Coming to Muramasa Rebirth


Muramasa Rebirth

RPGamers may remember that Muramasa Rebirth was going to have additional stories that featured new playable characters who were not found in the original Muramasa: The Demon Blade. These stories, called the Genroku Legends, were always intended to be released as paid DLC, but the game's Western publisher Aksys has been quiet about them until now. Aksys has announced that it will be bringing the four Genroku Legends chapters to the North American and European versions of the game in 2014.

The first DLC chapter, Fishy Tales of the Nekomata, will be released early next year, though Aksys hasn't revealed any specific release date or price. It stars Okoi, a cat lady who runs into unexpected trouble while trying to deliver a valuable tea set to the shogun. Unlike Muramasa's two main characters, she uses her claws rather than Muramasa swords, giving her a different fighting style and a new character skill system.

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Muramasa Rebirth
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