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XSEED Releases ACE New Ragnarok Odyssey Details


Ragnarok Odyssey ACE

XSEED Games recently revealed some new information regarding its upcoming release of PS3/Vita action-RPG Ragnarok Odyssey ACE. The game is set to be released in North America in early 2014 at a suggested retail price of $39.99 on both platforms, with the Vita launch release including a bonus 25-track soundtrack CD. Ragnarok Odyssey ACE is also due to be released in Europe later in 2014 by GungHo Online Entertainment America.

The game will include cross-platform play between PS3 and Vita players, as well as plenty of new content in addition to everything from the original game. Players of the first Ragnarok Odyssey title will be able to transfer their character's physical details (but not clothing), plus any weapon or monster cards. XSEED Games also confirmed that the game will be updated post-launch to add extra online features such as daily quests, online rankings, log-in bonuses, and random card draws. The company released some new screenshots of the game, which can be viewed below.

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Ragnarok Odyssey ACE
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