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Mass Effect 3 - Omega DLC Impression


Mass Effect 3

Author's Note: Minor spoilers for Mass Effect 3.

Of all the Mass Effect 3 DLC that has come out thus far, Omega was easily my most anticipated. The Omega missions in Mass Effect 2 were some of my favourites in the game, and it introduced our intrepid hero, Commander Shepard to one of the most ruthless and sexy space babes, Aria T'Loak. In any case, let's jump into Mass Effect 3's Omega DLC, shall we?

With Omega under siege and under the control of Cerberus agent (or lackey, really), General Oleg Petrovsky, Aria is in a state of disarray. Plotting her revenge against the man who took Omega from the palm of her hands, Aria enlists in the help of Shepard. Once the two reach the black markets of the station, they encounter a female turian by the name of Nyreen, who is attempting to protect Omega's civilians at any cost. With tempers colliding, Shepard must not only help put out the flames of war, but now must help the two leaders reconcile their differences for the sake of Omega's future.

Omega's storyline is one of the main reasons to enjoy this DLC. The story electrifying and fast-paced, but for once we get to see the softer side of Omega's queen bee, Aria T'Loak. Her character has such great dialog and banter, which is a refreshing change of pace from the usual squad mates. The second companion Shepard meets, Nyreen, is also a wonderfully flawed character, whom I had great sympathy for while playing through the DLC. She's smart and cunning, but also strong willed and able to put Aria in her place. Watching the two women's conflict throughout the DLC was quite the joy, as it was certainly difficult to make decisions that didn't feel like you were stepping on one of their toes.

That being said, however, one of my biggest gripes is the short amount of time we get to spend with Aria and Nyreen, as the Omega DLC clocked in at two and half hours for me. It might take longer for other players, as there is some side content, but with the action being so frantic, it's easy to miss on a first playthrough. Furthermore, the villain, Petrovsky, was dull and uninteresting. Considering how boring he is, it confuses me how Aria could lose the entirety of Omega to him.

The DLC also offered new enemies in the forms of Adjutant and Rampart Mech. The Rampart Mechs are all right, but do not really add anything to overall plot line, whereas the Adjutants have quite the detailed back story as a Cerberus experiment that functions in packs, ready to destroy the people of Omega without rhyme or reason. Overall, they are a nice touch for those sick of the same enemy types, but they don't offer enough variety throughout the DLC as Cerberus officers take the forefront.

My overall verdict is this: the $14 price tag is steep considering the length of the content and many will be disappointed by the lack of squad mate choices. However, I still feel as though Omega is a great experience, as not only as not only did I quite enjoy the storyline and the back story I received about Aria, but there was a perfect balance between story and battles that made it great to play. While it does not have the extensive content as say, Lair of the Shadowbroker in Mass Effect 2, there's still enough to keep Mass Effect fans happy. If anything else, you can always enjoy Aria's fabulous introduction and exit, as the woman really does know how to draw in a crowd.

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