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Bastion Gets Free* DLC



The folks over at Supergiant Games are in a celebratory mood, and considering the gaming awards that Bastion has been winning, they have every right to be. Fortunately for us, they're sharing this mood with the release of a free DLC pack that adds a new "Who Knows Where?" dream sequence and some additional game modes.

The new dream sequence is called "The Stranger's Dream" and features the story of Rucks, Bastion's mysterious narrator. As with the other dreams, players will have the chance to learn more about Rucks' history, providing they can survive wave after wave of enemies.

Also included are two new game modes. Score Attack mode starts the player off with all Spirits and Idols unlocked, then rates the player's combat skill and efficiency. All areas are repeatable in this mode, which is nice. No-Sweat Mode is for gamers who just want to relax and play through the story. There is no limit on the number of times the player can die during a level in this mode. Both modes require that the game has been finished at least once before they can be accessed.

"The Stranger's Dream" can be downloaded for free for the PC version of Bastion. It is definitely slated to come to Steam, and Supergiant is working with other PC game distributors to make it available on those services as well. The recently-released Chrome browser version of the game will receive the pack for free as well. The DLC will be available on Xbox Live Arcade after December 14, and will cost 80 Microsoft Points ($1) because of grinchy Microsoft policy.

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