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Next Episode of Alpha Kimori Announced


Alpha Kimori: No Need for Great Doubt - Episode 2

Sherman3D has announced the next episode of the Alpha Kimori series. Titled Alpha Kimori: No Need for Great Doubt - Episode 2, wherein players will reprise the role of Rick, and the story will continue where the previous episode left off. Sherman3D has announced new Ki Creatures for players to battle, alongside three new characters to join Rick, Yuki and Vanessa's adventure.

The developer has stated that Episode 2's interface has been improved from the version seen in Episode 1. The game is set to release in March 2012. Sherman3D has released some preview screens and art seen below, along with a preview video to show what players can expect in the next episode.

For those who wish to check out the first episode before the second releases, check out Big Fish Games, Direct2Srive, or the game's official website to obtain a copy. No price has been announced at this time.

Video Preview:

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Alpha Kimori: No Need for Great Doubt - Episode 2
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