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Everquest II Free to Play in December


Everquest II

After seven years, Everquest II is joining the Free to Play MMO crowd. Although the developer has not announced a specific date, it says it will be implemented in early December 2011. Like DC Universe Online, another MMO published by Sony Online Entertainment, Everquest II will have three tiers of membership. The Free membership is the lowest level, and as the name implies, is free. A Silver membership is a one-time purchase of $5, or 500 Station Cash. Both allow players to reach level 90, the current game level cap, and have access to all but the most recent expansions (which can be purchased as well). However, they only allow players to create characters from eight of the game's twenty four available classes, and only permit the four most popular races, out of twenty. The remainder are available for purchase individually. Further, free players are also limited to Adept and Expert level skills, unable to equip Legendary and Fabled items, and have limits on how much gold they can carry at any one time. Gold membership removes all such restrictions, for $14.99 per month.

For additional information, you can visit the Everquest II Free to Play FAQ.

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EverQuest II
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