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Party Details and More Monsters Revealed for Dragon Quest X


Dragon Quest X

Square Enix has provided RPGamers with more information about the party component of the upcoming Dragon Quest X, as well as the AI support character system. Players will be able to choose between joining up with other live players around the world or utilizing the AI controlled support characters.

Those who wish to join up with other live players will have to first speak to their intended party member. Both the character's status and a set profile message will be seen before the choice is made whether or not to invite a player to the group. When a player is invited to join a party they will be able to set how long they wish to be involved, with the inviter able to reject them if they feel the time is not appropriate.

The game will also provide some useful features that may assist in group play, such as the ability to automatically follow another member. Players will also be able to do 'support' actions that will raise the tension of a party, giving them an advantage in battle, even if the player doing the support action is not actually a party member.

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Those who either do not wish to play with others, or who require some extra manpower to fill the party ranks, will be able to add AI characters to their group. AI characters can be recruited at the pub, and will follow in the traditional Dragon Quest line, with their battle commands being executed automatically depending on the strategies set. Players will also be allowed to turn themselves into AI support characters, able to be recruited into other players' parties. Upon returning to the game, a report of the activites undertaken as support character will be given, and the experience earned as a support character will be kept.

Square Enix also showed off some of the monsters that players will meet in Dragon Quest X. New additions include 'Big Hat', a pig in a rather large sombrero, and the menacing insect, 'Green Scissor'. There are also a number of monsters than will be familiar to experienced Dragon Quest players. Dragon Quest X is due to be released on the Wii in Japan in 2012, with a WiiU release not yet dated.

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Dragon Quest X
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