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Frontier Gate Has Characters and Goods


Frontier Gate

Frontier Gate, one of the RPGs being created as a collaboration between Konami and tri-Ace, has finally been given the Japanese release date of December 22. Along with this announcement, Konami released some information on the last three of the fifteen partner characters who can be chosen to accompany the player character in the game. These three are named Arsha, Melphy, and Olga, and are pictured below.

Konami has also revealed some interesting bonus material that will be included with bundled copies of Frontier Gate that can be purchased from Konami's own stores in Japan. Such bundles will include a decorative strap and a soundtrack CD. This soundtrack CD, which can also be purchased separately, includes a code for downloading in-game equipment that gives the player character the appearance of the main character from Suikoden.

While Frontier Gate will be released for the PSP by the end of the year in Japan, there is still no news of the game coming to western shores. With the current climate for RPGs on the PSP, it is looking less and less likely that it will.

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Frontier Gate
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