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Go Dungeon Delving With Legend of Grimrock


Legend of Grimrock

RPGamer is now covering Legend of Grimrock, an indie dungeon crawler that carries on the tradition of classics like Eye of the Beholder. Players will portray a party of four prisoners who must escape a gigantic labyrinth or die trying. The game is scheduled to be out for the PC before the end of 2011, with Mac and iOS versions to follow.

Legend of Grimrock features a grid-based 3D environment and real time weapon-click combat. Currently announced classes include warrior, rogue, and mage, with a rune-based system for casting spells. There will be plenty of puzzles as well, as puzzle-solving is one of the bedrocks of this genre. The dungeons are handcrafted rather than automatically generated, and there will be an auto-map feature, so nobody will need to take out the graph paper.

Here is the first gameplay footage of Legend of Grimrock:

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Legend of Grimrock | Legend of Grimrock
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