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Extra Life 2011 Home Stretch Update


RPGamer would like to thank you for your generosity in donating to Extra Life so far this year. The RPGamer team has received donations totaling $1,501 so far. That is fantastic, but we're not done yet. Our goal is $5,000. We hit $3,728 last year, so we think we've got a good shot of making that goal.

If you haven't donated, I'd like to ask you to consider doing so. Your donation stays in local hospitals and truly helps make kids healthy.

In addition, we're very lucky this year to have wonderful partners: PS Nation, Retroids North, and Gamer's Only Older. We've got a fantastic contest going with tons of prizes being raffled off. Check out the full list of prizes here: and remember that the more you donate, the more entries you get in the contest.

Finally, below I've put a sound clip of Tori Enmon, the original inspiration for Extra Life. Your donations are going to help children like Tori. Tori eventually lost her battle with cancer but her attitude and will to fight are why we're gaming to help beat cancer and other illnesses in kids. Take a moment to listen to Tori and consider donating to make sure kids like her survive their battles and lighten the world a bit more with their songs.

KKBQ TORI Montage by cmnhospitals

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