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RPGamer News Bits: Holiday Hangover Edition


RPGamer News Bits

It seems that the game industry never sleeps, not even on the night before Christmas. Here's a roundup of small announcements and media updates that came out over the last week.

  • Black Rock Shooter is described as, "A weirdly futuristic game based on a weird anime based on a single, really cool illustration from an artist's notebook." It's coming out for the PSP in Japan. Will it ever make it here? Doubtful, but we can at least take a look at some screens and art of the game.

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia is a unique-looking Compile Heart RPG. Localized by NIS America, it personifies the console wars and allows players to control cute girls who represent various console and game companies. Here's the English trailer:

  • Pokémon Black and White are coming to North America this March. Nintendo trumpets the English language release in the following trailer:

  • We still don't know if Tales of Xillia is coming out in North America, but here are some screens and art to tide us over while we hope for announcement.

  • Two Worlds II has been out in Europe for a while, and the PC version is getting a free update. Called the "Gold" update, this large download contains an interface adapted for the PC, upgrades to enemy AI and gameplay balance, technical updates for ATI cards, and more. Here is a direct download link to the update.

  • Back in Japan, the Valkyria Chronicles III media updates keep rolling out. Several more characters are introduced in this set of screenshots and art.

  • In one of our odder holiday news updates, XSEED has announced that the launch version of Ys I and II Chronicles will be called the "Hair Metal Pack". All launch units will contain a bonus soundtrack CD. Ys I and II Chronicles features the two classic games with redrawn artwork and remastered sountracks. Get your headbanging on with this Hair Metal Pack trailer:

    And that's it. Happy New Year from the news crew here at RPGamer!

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