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The Demon's Souls Servers Refuse to Die


Demon's Souls

Atlus never planned to keep the servers that support the online functionality for Demon's Souls running indefinitely, but it will be quite a while before they are finally brought offline. Atlus has announced that it will be making a second major extension to its support for its acclaimed RPG. Originally, Atlus only guaranteed that it would keep the servers running for a year, but it later extended that to March 2011. With this latest extension, players can continue playing Demon's Souls online without worry until October 6, 2011, the second anniversary of the game's release.

Along with this announcement, Atlus has initiated a Pure White World Tendency event on the Demon's Souls servers. From now through the beginning of 2011, players will be able to enjoy the Pure White World Tendency on the online servers, which can be very difficult to see otherwise. This will reveal new items and open up new paths and areas for players to explore, and give newcomers a chance to ease into the game.

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Demon's Souls
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