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Pre-order Two Worlds II, Get a Tenner and a T-Shirt


Two Worlds II

South Peak Games' slightly unhinged PR representative has released a rather unique press release detailing the game's pre-order bonuses and several other informational tidbits. For starters, anybody who pre-orders the game before January 25th at authorized retailers will receive a Sordahan "YEAH, I LIKE TO KILL!" t-shirt and $10 off. These items will be given on top of any retailer-specific pre-order bonuses.

As for the additional game information, perhaps we'll allow the press release to speak for itself:

- - - - - - - - -

"Hereís some random stuff I did this weekend in the game that I feel compelled to tell you about:

-as a mage, you can literally create a huge effing army of gigantic spiders to fight/tank/cockblock for you. Putting points in the summoning mage skill lets you summon up to 10 creatures for your swarming horde! WTF! Also, when you change out the elemental-modifier card in the spell amulet, it changes the summon to different creatures Ė so far Iíve seen Werewolves, Demonic warriors, spiders (my personal favourite) and even BEES! BEES, PEOPLE! OMG!!!!11 /dies

-putting points into your archery skills and equipping yourself with a badass bow and quiver allows you to take out entire camps of varns (jackal dudes) sniper style, and itís goddamn amazing! THE CLUB CANT EVEN HANDLE ME RIGHT NOWWWW Į

-and finally, if you create a character leaning more towards warrior, go for lances as your weapon of choice. OMG SPINNING ATTACK OF DEATH!!!!"

- - - - - - - - -

Along with this... enlightening information, we were given some box art to share.

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Two Worlds II
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