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Chevalier Saga Tactics Info Galore


A press conference held by Imageepoch last week gave a minor glimpse at an upcoming strategy-RPG Chevalier Saga Tactics. A wealth of new information is available now that the official website has launched.

Chevalier Saga Tactics is set on Brigadule Island, situated far to the North West of the game's main content. Peace on the island was maintained as part of an alliance between three kingdoms: Rana, Lutania, and Suncrest. However, the peace came to an end as Duke Bastania of Lutania began an invasion of Rana. Bastania quickly seized control of the land and declared it the Principality of Bastania. It was believed that the royal family of Rana had all been executed, fourteen years later word began to spread throughout the land that Prince Leurs of Rana had actually managed to escape to Suncrest, to be raised by King Elio as a son. The knights of Rana have begun to gather at the side of Prince Leurs, who with the support of King Elio, now plans to take back his birthright.

The main gameplay in Chevalier Saga Tactics is that of a turn-based strategy RPG. Units can be customized in up to 10 areas and equipped with various skills. Strategic options are affected by standards of the genre such as terrain type and height. One unique feature of the strategic battles is the game's castle storming system. The player will need to storm powerful castles using ladders, catapults and other devices.

Outside of the Strategy Mode, where the player will command individual troops, the game also has a Command Mode. In this mode, the player will control large armies on the scale of hundreds of troops. Working with other players, the player will need to take back the kingdom. The two modes are linked together via the Character Link System, a system for transferring troops. The troop composition will feature the standard roles of the genre first established by the likes of Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics, including: Fighter, Knight, Wizard, Mage, Sorcerer, Ranger, Rogue, Acolyte, Assassin, Enchanter, Cleric and Berserker.

The PC version of Chevalier Saga Tactics is scheduled to begin official service in August 2011. This will be preceded by a closed beta in March and an open beta in May. The game's business model will be item-based, meaning basic play will be free. The game is also due for release on PS3 and Smartphones. In its announcement today, NHN Japan said that sales of the PS3 version will be handled by Imageepoch. A small Famitsu preview last week listed the PS3 game as a PSN title with no mention of it being a browser game. Imageepoch has yet to specify what form the PS3 version will take.

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