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Listen to the Whisper of Winter Voices


Winter Voices: Episode One

French indie game developer Beyondthepillars has announced the release of Episode 1 of their turn-based RPG Winter Voices. Episode 1, "Those who have no name," follows Episode 0, "Avalanche." This episode tells the story of a young woman who must struggle against the turmoil within her own mind as she leaves her home and travels in the midst of a cold winter. The game features three different classes for the heroine to choose from and will have a complex skill tree with more than 120 skills.

Both Episode 0 and Episode 1 of Winter Voices are available for $4.99 on Steam. A Windows/Mac dual platform version of the game can also be downloaded directly from the game's official website for 4.49. Keep in mind that episodes must be purchased in order. Episode 1 will not work unless Episode 0 has already been installed.

More screenshots can be found here.

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Winter Voices: Episode One
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