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RPGamers to Enter The Timeless Lands


Jikandia: The Timeless Land

Aksys Games is pleased to announced that it will be publishing Jikandia: The Timeless Land for the PlayStation Portable. Originally titled Zikande Fantasia in Japan, the game was developed by Opus Studios, creator of Half-Minute Hero.

The story takes place in a peaceful land called Jikandia where people have been oblivious to the concept of time. Suddenly, hordes of demons have threatened the land, setting the wheels of time into motion, and it's up to the player to help restore peace and unity to the previously timeless land. A spirit known as Temtem has the power to manipulate time, and summons nine heroes to become the champions of Jikandia. However, only one hero, Al, made it through the void and into Temtem's presence. Al must now not only restore Jikandia to its former prosperity, but must also save his friends from being lost forever.

Players will be able to traverse through tons of different dungeons, as well as set the time limits therein. Dungeons are altered according to the time limit set. The longer you spend in the dungeon, the more likely players will be able to discover rare items... but you'll also deal with more monsters and devastating traps. Players can also customize their heroes, discover magic orbs to aid them on their quests, and activate an "Awakening Mode" that will make players stronger, faster and even more powerful.

Jikandia: The Timeless Land can support up to four players using the PSP's ad-hoc mode for fighting in a Jikandia Coliseum, where stages are timed and players can battle against their friends to win the highest score. Jikandia: The Timeless Land is set for a Spring 2011 release.

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Zikande Fantasia
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