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New Features for PSP's Persona 2: Innocent Sin


Persona 2: Innocent Sin

Famitsu has announced that Atlus will be releasing a PSP port of Persona 2: Innocent Sin next year. This port will have a wide variety of new features that will include: a new opening movie created by Satellite with the original opening still available to view, a remix of all 100 tracks on top of including the original soundtrack, and a media install feature will be available to cut down on load time. There will also be new cut-in animation during battles as well as new character illustrations. The port will also include a number of gameplay changes.

There will now be a mini map on the field screen that also displays the status of your party, battle screens will show demon moods and character order,and gamers will also have the option of changing the difficulty to easy, normal, or hard at any point in the game.

Innocent Sin was originally one half of a dual sequel to the original Persona for the PlayStation, the other half being Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Both sequels took place in the same town with the same characters, however the two games were in parallel worlds where the characters did not know each other and different events took place. There has been no word about whether or not the game will receive a North America release. However, in the wake of other recent PSP Persona titles gamers have a reason to be optimistic that Innocent Sin will one day hit the shores of North America.

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Persona 2 Innocent Sin
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