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RPGamer Visits Eidos Montreal



Last week, RPGamer had the opportunity to visit Eidos Montreal for a Deus Ex: Human Revolution preview event. This week, we get to tell you all about it, including this introduction to the event, a preview of the game, and an interview with Mary DeMarle, Lead Writer for the project.

On the morning of Thursday, November 4th, we bright-eyed and bushy-tailed game journalists were ushered into the Eidos Montreal studio. Recently created to develop Deus Ex: HR, the Montreal studio is now also developing a new Thief game and a yet-unannounced mystery project.

Eidos Montreal's lobby shows that they're proud of their projects, and also that they are in Canada.

After being treated to a lengthy preview of the game (sadly, there wasn't a playable demo available, but we saw a great deal of footage), we were given a tour of the studio. It's a busy hive of workers, screens alight with code and graphics creation tools. We weren't able to photograph most of the working areas, lest sneaky fans find unintended tidbits of information that they're not supposed to know yet. That said, Eidos did an impressive job of hiding Thief-related material from us (including a row of hats hanging over what was apparently an outline of the entire game). Here are a few shots we were able to take of sights seen every day by employees:

1. The sign on the women's washroom is great.
2. Down this corridor is the main working area for Eidos Montreal.
3. Near the cubicles is a poster of a Deus Ex: HR character declaring that she "likes it Beta". I mean, who doesn't?

After the studio tour, we conducted interviews and were able to take the pictures seen in this article. Along with the lobby and select portions of the work area, we were able to snap the employee calfeteria/lounge/meeting room. While it was mostly empty when we were there, since the employees were hard at work, it looks like a nice place to spend one's lunch break.

Heeeey, that isn't Coca-Cola...

Stay tuned for our coverage of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution over the next few days. To start things off, here are some new screens from the game:

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