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Rune Factory Journeys to the Vast Oceans


Rune Factory

Famitsu has unveiled a new entry in the Rune Factory spin-off of the Harvest Moon series. This game, titled Rune Factory Oceans, will continue the series tradition of combining farming and socializing with combat and dungeon exploration, and, as the name implies, it will be set on a series of islands in the midst of the ocean. The main character will be able to travel between these islands on the back of a giant named Ymir, who can raise islands and other objects from the sea floor, opening up new land for farming and new dungeons to explore. The game also promises large scale battles between Ymir and giant sea monsters.

Rune Factory Oceans will feature two different main characters: Azel, a white-haired boy, and Sonia, a pink-haired girl. However, rather than being alternate choices for the player to pick at the start of the game, their situation is a bit more complicated. Due to mysterious events at the beginning of the game, the two characters are stuck sharing the same body, and the player will alternate between controlling both of them. There are not many details on how this will impact the game, but it certainly promises to make the romance and marriage elements of the Harvest Moon series a bit more complicated.

Rune Factory Oceans will be released for both the Wii and the Playstation 3, and it has been announced that it will be compatible with Playstation Move. It will be released in Japan on February 24.

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Rune Factory Oceans
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