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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Given European Release Date


Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the latest entry in Camelot Software's Golden Sun series, has been given a December 10 2010 release date for European regions on the Nintendo DS. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn sees a return to the world of Weyard and follows the story of Matthew, the son of the original Golden Sun protagonist Issac. Matthew is joined by Terell, son of Garet, another of Golden Sun's protagonists.

In the time since the original two games, Weyard has changed drastically, with continents shifting and new species roaming the lands. Players of the original game will be happy to know that the Djinn make a return and the usage of Psynergy to solve puzzles has been adapted for the DS touch screen. Also included is an extensive encylopedia about the world of Golden Sun, so new players won't feel left out. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will also be arriving in Japan on October 28, with the US following close behind on November 29.

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Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
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