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DC Universe Won't Be Coming for the Holidays


DC Universe Online

Fans who have been waiting to play DC Universe Online this November will have to wait a bit longer. Sony Online Entertainment has announced that the upcoming MMO will be delayed until sometime early next year. SOE claims that this added time will give the developers more time to improve the game based on feedback from the public beta.

In addition to news of the delayed release, SOE also made a few announcements about the public beta itself. People who have a VIP key card for the beta and people who have registered on the official website will be able to join the beta as soon as next week. Anyone who hasn't yet signed up should do so soon, though, since beta registration will be available on the official website until 11:59 PST tonight. After that point, SOE will start handing out beta access to anyone who pre-orders the game, and anyone in North America who pre-orders before November 15 is guaranteed to get into the beta before November 30. Anyone who pre-orders after the 15th, though, will only get be able to play the beta a week before release.

In one final bit of news, SOE has announced that there will be a collector's edition for the PS3 version of the game. This edition will contain the same Batman statue, art book, and comic book as the previously announced PC collector's edition.

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DC Universe Online
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