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Mass Effect 2 Voice Actors Announced


Mass Effect 2

Bioware has named the voice actors that will be in next installment in the Mass Effect trilogy, Mass Effect 2. The voice actors named were Martin Sheen, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Seth Green, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Keith David, Michael Dorn, Tricia Helfer, Michael Hogan, and Carrie-Anne Moss.

Martin Sheen plays the Illusive Man who commands Cerberus, a secretive paramilitary organization dedicated to protecting human interests in the galaxy. Yvonne Strahovski is the deadly Cerberus operative Miranda Lawson. Seth Green, who was in the original Mass Effect, as Joker. Keith David also makes his return as Admiral David Anderson. Rounding out the vocal roster are Tricia Helfer as EDI, the voice of the new Normandy; Carrie-Anne Moss as Aria T’Loak, the crime lord who rules the planet Omega; Shohreh Aghdashloo as Admiral Shala'Raan vas Tonbay; Michael Hogan as Captain Bailey; Adam Baldwin as Kal ‘Reegar; and Michael Dorn as Gatatog Uvenk.

Ray Muzyka, co-founder of BioWare and Group General Manager of the RPG/MMO Group of EA says that the key to achieving the emotionally engaging story is the top-notch voice talent named to be in the game. In Mass Effect 2, players will step into the life of Commander Shepard again as they continue on their adventures across the universe. With intense action, a rich futuristic storyline, space exploration and emotionally engaging character interaction, the game is set to deliver an unparalleled cinematic experience. Mass Effect 2 is scheduled for release on the XBox and PC on January 26, 2010.

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Mass Effect 2
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