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Rising Star to Release Marvelous Titles in Europe


Rising Star

Rising Star Games has announced that it will be releasing a handful of games in the first few months of 2010. February is a slow month at Rising Star Games for RPGs, with only Half-Minute Hero being released , while on the other hand March is full of releases. Avalon Code and My World My Way are scheduled for the DS, while Fragile Dreams and Rune Factory: Frontier are on their way to the Wii.

While these releases are all scheduled for the early part of the year, the summer will not be forgotten about. In the works is a PSP title, Valhalla Knights 2 is to be released summer of 2010. You can check out Rising Star Games' site for more info about upcoming games and past releases.

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Avalon Code | Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon | Half-Minute Hero | My World, My Way | Rune Factory: Frontier | Valhalla Knights 2
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