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Record of Agarest War to Defile Xbox 360


Record of Agarest War

Aksys Games will now be releasing Record of Agarest War on both the PlayStation Network and Xbox 360 in Spring 2010. The game was previously set to be released in North America only through the PlayStation Network, but will be accompanied by a full retail release on the Xbox 360 as well.

According to Aksys, putting out Record of Agarest War on the PlayStation Network alone would have been the catalyst of World War III. Not wanting to be responsible for such an act, Aksys decided to delay the game and release it on both systems, therefore saving the world. This may be the first game to be released at the same time in two different formats on two different consoles.

Record of Agarest War is a strategy RPG that boasts over 100 hours of gameplay and has players taking multiple brides to extend their lineage through five generations with the Soul Breed system. The Xbox 360 version of Record of Agarest War will support achievements, and the PS3 version will support trophies. Based on the "unique" content of the game, these are bound to be awarded for interesting tasks. To find out "more" about the game, beware of a somewhat NSFW JPEG and visit its official website here.

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Record of Agarest War
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