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Gallians Unite through Ad-hoc


Valkyria Chronicles 2

Sega has revealed new information regarding its upcoming RPG, Valkyria Chronicles 2. The sequel will feature an advanced character customization system and will take advantage of the PSP's wireless functions, adding both a versus mode and co-op gameplay.

Character customization in Valkyria Chronicles was limited to five different types of units, but Valkyria Chronicles 2 will support up to thirty-five different types of units. This is possible due to a new customizable branch system which allows the player to fit out each individual character resulting in different types of units. For example, the scout class, depending on how the player customizes, will determine if you have a scout that runs faster or one that is more battle-worthy. Customization is not limited to just characters, as tanks are now fully customizable. Players can now equip different weapons, emblems, and even change the colour of a tank, all of which will affect how it moves in battles.

Co-op and versus mode is a new feature that allows players to play with or against each other via the PSP's wireless ad-hoc function. Co-op mode will have players working together, moving together, and strategizing together with friends to obtain victory. Versus mode is between two players to complete a set objective before the other. Before a player can start a versus game, both participants will need to decide on a time limit, choose one of 13 diffrent maps, a type of environment, and then set the object for victory.

The single player mode for Valkyria Chronicles 2 will also feature close to 200 mission, and will see the return of both Alicia and Welkin. The Japanese release for Valkyria Chronicles 2 is set for January 21st with a North American and European release to follow sometime this summer.

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