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Zoda Gets His Revenge on Virtual Console



The title of the latest Nintendo Wii Virtual Console release, Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II, may bring images of a Star Wars rip-off starring Yoda's long lost brother. This couldn't be further from the truth, as the game is actually a highly regarded adventure-RPG which also happens to be one of the last licensed titles released on the NES.

Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II is the sequel to the NES's StarTropics, which followed the yo-yo wielding Mike Jones on his quest to rescue his kidnapped archaeologist grandfather from an alien named Zoda. StarTropics II once again stars Mike Jones, who through mysterious means ends up being transported through time. Mike Jones' new quest spans 9 chapters and various time periods such as Ancient Egypt, the Stone Age, and the Old West. Throughout each time period Mike will encounter both fictional and non-fictional historical figures who will aid him on his journey.

StarTropics II controls similarly to StarTropics but with one significant improvement: the player can now move in all eight directions. It is played in the same top-down zelda-esqe perspective as the first game and players still solve puzzles to progress through certain areas. Mike will find brand new types of weaponry and attacks necessary to defeat his new enemies and the giant bosses.

Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II is available today on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console for 500 Wii Points. Though the games can be played independently, RPGamers may want to play the original StarTropics first, also available on the Virtual Console for 500 Wii Points.

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StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge
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