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Another Blue Dragon Landing on DS



While North America awaits the release of the first Nintendo DS Blue Dragon game, Blue Dragon Plus, Japan is already getting its second, tentatively translated to Blue Dragon: Behemoth of the Underworld. The second Blue Dragon game will be developed by both Mistwalker and Namco Bandai, and is being worked on by talented people such as Hironobu Sakaguchi, Akira Toriyama, and Hideo Baba. We get our first glimpse at Blue Dragon: Behemoth of the Underworld in this scan from Shonen Jump.

Blue Dragon: Behemoth of the Underworld may be an attempt to break into the multiplayer action-RPG space as so many DS RPG developers are attempting nowadays. It will not be a strategy game like Blue Dragon Plus, and instead is being called a 3D "real-time RPG" that is "designed for multiple players." Players do not control the characters from previous Blue Dragon games, taking the role of a nameless protagonist instead. Equipment can be customized and the look of the protagonist can be altered. Though the game's characters will differ from previous games, the scan shows that blue shadows will still be part of Blue Dragon: Behemoth of the Underworld.

North American RPGamers can expect Blue Dragon Plus on February 24, 2009. With a little luck, we will see Blue Dragon: Behemoth of the Underworld localized as well.

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