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Sega Officially Announces Sands of Destruction


Sands of Destruction

Around December 4, 2008, intrepid Internet users noticed a new folder of screenshots on the Sega FTP server labeled Sands of Destruction. This was the first hint at the official name for the localized version of the Nintendo DS RPG World Destruction: Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokuni, which was already known to be coming to North America. Sega just put out a press release officially announcing Sands of Destruction, which happens to be dated December 4, 2008.

Yoichi Shimosato, producer of Sands of Destruction, says the development team is "eager to showcase the unique world and gameplay experience of Sands of Destruction, and they firmly believe [they] have created an RPG world that can be enjoyed by everyone." Sean Ratcliffe, Vice President of Marketing for SEGA of America, Inc, is excited to deliver a new innovative and epic RPG.

In Sands of Destruction, cruel beastmen called Ferals rule over the human population. A group of rebels called the World Annihilation Front believes the only way to free themselves from the tyranny of the Ferals is to destroy the world. Players will control various types of characters, including Kyrie Illunis who unknowingly holds the key to the world's destruction.

Sands of Destruction was developed by an "all-star team" at imageepoch consisting of Xenogears team members, while the game's music composition was done by Yasunori Mitsuda. Battles in Sands of Destruction utilize the upper and lower DS screens, with bosses sometimes large enough to span across both. The "Quip system" will allow characters to "utter inspiring battle commands" to enhance battle abilities. New commands can be discovered and each character's can be customized. Sands of Destruction is scheduled to release in Fall 2009.

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Sands of Destruction
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