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Luminous Arc 2 Tournament Coming in January


Luminous Arc 2

Owners of Atlus's new Nintendo DS strategy-RPG Luminous Arc 2, which was released on November 18, 2008 in North America, will be able to participate in a tournament in January 2009. To be selected for the tournament, players must sign up for the Atlus Faithful by January 1, 2009, by inputting their email address on 48 members of the Atlus faithful will be randomly selected for the tournament. Those interested in participating must also create an account on the Atlus forums, located here. Atlus will send out an email survey asking if members of the Atlus Faithful want to participate in the tournament, which must be answered.

All 48 participants in the Luminous Arc 2 tournament (including prize winners) will win an extremely rare Luminous Arc business card holder. The tournament champion will receive their choice of: a signed copy of the Luminous Arc 2 art book, a select title from the Atlus archives, or a large Luminous Arc 2 promotional poster. Second place will choose from first place's leftovers, and third place will receive the remaining item.

Official rules and requirements for the tournament can be found in this thread on the Atlus forums. The tournament is limited to North American players only.

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Luminous Arc 2
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