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Team-Up With Princess and Knight


Blueside, developer of various games in the Kingdom Under Fire series, has announced a new project which deviates somewhat from its previous development path. This project, Princess and Knight, will be an action-RPG for the Nintendo DS.

As the name implies, the game follows the story of a knight (name unknown) who teams up with a princess guardian named Mooki. As the knight defends his kingdom, he gradually learns about a hidden power which exists inside of him. Players will also solve the mystery of an ancient history.

Players of Princess and Knight will use a combo system, controlled by the stylus, to fight large swarms of enemies while drinking potions to heal their HP and SP. An enhancement system can be used to boost and customize characters, weapons, and abilities. The graphics will be a mix of hand-drawn 2D with 3D special effects and objects.

The first screens of Princess and Knight can be seen here. RPGamer will have more information on this title as it is released.

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Princess and Knight
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