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TGS08 - More White Knight Chronicles Details


White Knight Chronicles: Wave of the Ancient

More specific details about White Knight Chronicles: Wave of the Ancient have emerged out of the 2008 Tokyo Game Show. White Knight Chronicles is a medieval RPG being published by Sony and developed by Level 5 exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

White Knight Chronicles begins in the kingdom of Balandor, where the player's main character, Leonard, is attending a princess's coming-of-age banquet. When this banquet is raided by an evil corporation called "Wizard," Leonard grabs the princess and leads her to safety into the castle cellars. Down in these cellars, Leonard finds a suit of armor which can transform him into the White Knight, a powerful ancient warrior. Leonard, the princess, and their other companions will use the White Knight's power, along with their other strengths, to take on the forces of Wizard throughout the game.

The player will be able to name and customize his or her own combos in White Knight Chronicles, and in a traditional manner the player will need to build up a gauge to transform into the White Knight. As reported earlier here, White Knight Chronicles' single player adventure has been estimated to take around 100+ hours to complete, and the game will run at 1080p.

More details have also been revealed about White Knight Chronicles' online mode. Players will not be taking Leonard and the other single-player characters online, but will instead be creating their own online avatars. The player can customize his or her own avatar's looks and gender. The online mode will be an important tie-in to the single player adventure, rather than each being a separate gameplay component. The experience, items, and money gained in both the offline and online modes of White Knight Chronicles will be shared between each other. In order to keep the game balanced, the online quests and areas available will be determined by progress in the single-player mode. Additional online missions may become available as downloadable content after the game is released. The status of voice chat in White Knight Chronicles' online mode is still to be determined.

The White Knight Chronicles Japanese release date is set for December 25, 2008. North Americans will not be so lucky, as the game does not have any official release information for the states.

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White Knight Chronicles: Wave of the Ancient
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