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Diablo 3's Wizard Class Unveiled



The third playable class in Blizzard's Diablo 3 was announced today as the Wizard. Officially revealed by Blizzard President Mike Morhaime as he opened BlizzCon 2008, the Wizard joins the two previously announced character classes, the Witch Doctor and the Barbarian. All three of these classes will be playable at BlizzCon over the weekend.

With the Wizard, Blizzard hopes to innovate on the typical caster class. One of these innovations can be seen in the Wizard ability, Slow Time. Slow Time creates a bubble around the Wizard which slows down anything inside it, including magic attacks, arrows, and monsters.

The Wizard will still have the basic abilities expected of a ranged-caster class. One of these abilities is the traditional Magic Missile, a quick projectile attack which can be rapidly fired at enemies. Another ability, Electrocute, allows the Wizard to fire a lightning bolt at an enemy which will also chain-damage other nearby targets. The Wizard will be able to use the Teleport ability to move quickly and safely across the game area. Another new ability, Disintegrate, will allow the Wizard to emit a strong, continuous, death-beam across the screen which will fry any enemy it hits, though it will drain mana very quickly. Other abilities include Spectral Blade, a close-range attack, Storm Armor and Stone Skin, defensive abilities, Arcane Orb, a slow projectile attack which explodes on contact, and Meteor Storm and Acid Cloud, two area-of-effect abilities.

Diablo 3 is set to be released by Blizzard "when it is ready," as is the case with every Blizzard project. Those looking for more information about the Wizard can visit Blizzard's official character class page here.

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