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Dragon Quest V DS Announced for Spring Release in Japan


Dragon Quest V

Square Enix has announced that the Nintendo DS game Dragon Quest V DS will be released in spring 2008 in Japan. There has been no announcement for a North American date as of yet.

Dragon Quest V DS originally came out on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1992, and later re-released for the Playstation 2 in 2004. It is well known for its gameplay which spans the 20 years of the main character's life, in which he gets married and fathers a family. It was the first game to include the addition of monsters that could join you in battle, a concept which was later used in the popular Dragon Quest Monsters series.

With the recent and well-received release of Dragon Quest IV DS there is anticipation throughout Japan for the next entry in the series. You can visit the Dragon Quest IV-VI DS website and view the large variety of media available there.

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Dragon Quest V DS
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