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XSEED Brings Wild ARMs XF to North America


Wild ARMs XF

XSEED Games has announced that the company will be publishing Wild ARMs XF (pronounced "Crossfire") in North America. Wild ARMs XF is the latest installment in the Wild ARMs series.

XF is a turn-based strategy RPG for the PlayStation Portable and is the first game in the series to appear on a handheld system. It is also the first Wild ARMs game to contain tactical strategy gameplay. The game's battle system is based off a hex grid, giving the player more options for tactical maneuvering.

The story is once again set in the world known as Filgaia: a world slowly dying due to a mysterious cataclysm long ago. War rages between the remnant nations over scarce resources, all except one, the kingdom of Elesius. Though the kingdom is peaceful for now, trouble is stirring as a bed-ridden king and scheming political rivals leave Elesius in a dire and uncertain future. As the kingdom is thrown into turmoil, our main character, Clarissa Arwin, struggles with her own battle; she, along with her half-brother Felius, come to Elesius after tracking down their mother's murderer--a man named Rupert Dandridge. From here on out, Clarissa's destiny calls, tossing her into the battle to save the kingdom and to save Filgaia from becoming an uninhabitable wasteland.

Wild ARMs XF has been out in Japan since September. North American gamers can look forward to a stateside release come spring 2008.

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