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Dungeon Lords 2 and Dungeon Lords Expansion Announced


Dungeon Lords

JoWooD Productions Software has announced the upcoming Windows release of Dungeon Lords: Expansion, currently slated for fall 2008. Dungeon Lords 2, a sequel for the original PC title released in May 2005, was also announced. Dungeon Lords was well-received commercially, selling more than one million copies worldwide.

Dungeon Lords is known for starting a type of Fantasy RPG that derives concepts from the fighter genre, featuring action in full 3D and a deep storyline full of mystery, surprise and betrayal. Players can fully customize their characters, with a variety of races and class specializations to choose from. There are also a variety of special abilities and extensive skills to add depth to the main character. Along with a single-player campaign, Dungeon Lords is also known for its multiplayer group sessions.

"Not requiring the base game, the Expansion Pack is a complete stand-alone game and will contain an all new story which acts as a link between the original game and the Sequel. The sequel will deliver an all new graphics and physics engine, a new epic quest and all new art."

The stand-alone expansion back is due for release in Q3 2008. The full sequel will follow a year later with a scheduled release in Q3 2009.

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Dungeon Lords
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