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Future Changes to Final Fantasy XI Jobs


Final Fantasy XI

At the developer panel at Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival, a lot of changes were disclosed for all the jobs. Here are all the changes being considered or already set for implementation.


  • An ability to counter an attack as well as store TP.
  • Looking for ways to distribute frontline tanking abilities.
  • Currently considering the use of kick attacks as a weapon skill or slow attack.
White Mage
  • New ability: Repose - Save their parties with a sleep spell.
  • Especially useful with a Scholar support job.
  • Adding new teleport spells in the future.
Black Mage
  • Lowering the rate in which monsters resist skillchains.
  • New spells involving transportation.
Red Mage
  • Adding magic to move red mage to the front lines.
  • New Job Ability: Accomplice - Steal half of a party member's current enmity.
  • A magic spell that would reflect back the damage deflected by the shield.
Dark Knight
  • More Dark magic specific spells to use in battle.
  • The amount of HP used with Wait will be greatly increased.
  • New pet command: Snarl - Order a pet to take all its masters enmity, like the Provoke ability.
  • In the future, pet food could be added to cure status ailments and lower recast of Reward.
  • New songs and abilities.
  • Let a bard select a single target for songs. This allows for pinpoint casting and more chances to cast.
  • New ability: Velocity Shot - Ranged attacks will be quicker and more powerful while melee will be slower and weaker.
  • Bad News: Some adjustments will be made to samurai to bring it back into balance with other jobs.
  • New ability to improve the effectiveness of the skillchain; more damage or less resistance.
  • New Ninjitsu for Sneak.
  • New ability that temporarily reduces enmity for a short period of time.
  • Increasing the number of actions the wyvern will take in battle.
  • Looking into two types of actions, offensive and defensive.
  • A new ability to restore MP with the elemental spirits
  • Later announcement for Summoners.
Blue Mage
  • New monster techniques in 2008.
  • New Rolls for the new jobs (in 2008).
  • Using charges for Quick Draw, similar to the new Scholar job.
  • New attachments.
  • New weapon skills with the puppet at higher levels.

More panels and events are still to come from Final Fantasy XI Fan Festival. We'll bring you more information as soon we can.

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