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Dungeon Explorer for Nintendo DS and PSP


Dungeon Explorer

Hudson Entertainment has announced that it will be bringing Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts to North America in early 2008 for the PSP and Nintendo DS. Each game will feature a unique story, a variety of weapons, and a variety of fighting skills. Just like the classic versions of Dungeon Explorer, the new games will feature extensive multiplayer exploring.

In the PSP version of the game, characters are trained in weaponry and magic alike as Warriors of the Ancient Arts. The player will embark on a quest to uncover the fate of a legendary kingdom and prepare to battle demonic forces and a variety of creatures. Players will have the ability to choose their warfare style from more than 150 types of fighting arts, a feature unique to the PSP incarnation of the game.

Gamers playing the DS version find themselves in a land that has been plagued by legions of undead soldiers, known as the Evil Menace. The once peaceful Kingdom of Westoria is under siege by the Demon God controlling the Evil Menace. In a story that takes place centuries after the events that transpired during the PSP version, as the legend foretells of one hero who is to rise and face this menace. Players can choose from three hero races and three character classes to form their warrior for battle. Using the Nintendo DS Wi-fi connection, up to three players can band together and battle the Demon God's minions.

"Bringing a classic franchise like Dungeon Explorer to the handheld gaming systems of today continues Hudson's pledge to deliver engaging new content to gamers, while tapping into the nostalgia of the popular series," said John Greiner, President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment. "Dungeon Explorer updates the much loved series with an all-new engaging story and introduces new RPG gameplay elements never before seen in a handheld game."

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