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Lionhead Studios Donates to Child's Play Fundraiser


Fable 2

Penny-Arcade is running the Child's Play Fundraiser event for it's fifth year. Child's Play has been around since 2003 and is a community based of the gamer community, culture and industry. Their goal is to provide much needed toys, books, entertainment and supplies to children's hospitals in North America and other areas of the world. From their inception to this point in time they have banded together with more than 45 hospitals world wide, and are growing every month. Any gamer can contribute simply by buying any item off of Amazon and having it delivered to their hospital of choice.

Lionhead Studios, the studio that is developing Fable 2, will be donating some interesting items to the auction that all who attend are free to bid on. The itemís include:

  • Have a Fable 2 Shopkeeper named after you! (1)
  • Have a Fable 2 Farmer named after you! (1)
  • Have an important Fable 2 Villager named after you! (1)
  • Have a Fable 2 Monk named after you! (1)
  • Have a Fable 2 Quest character named after you! (1)
  • Signed underwear by Peter Molyneux! (1)
  • The only known surviving Fable T-SHIRT signed by the Development Team in 2004 (1)
  • Limited edition, official Fable 2 team T-SHIRT (1)
  • Limited edition, official Fable 2 sweater / hoodie (1)
  • Exclusive Fable 2 printed and framed artwork (1)
  • Limited edition, framed Black & White 2 poster, signed by the Development Team and Peter Molyneux (1)
  • Framed copy of Fable, presented in recognition of your contribution to the making of Fable (1)
  • The annual Child's Play Fundraiser Dinner Auction is taking place on December 11 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in Seattle, Washington. If you wish to purchase tickets to this event and bid on some of the many auctions available you may do so at Brown Paper Tickets.

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