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Mistwalker Talks about Lost Odyssey Premiere


Lost Odyssey

Mistwalker producer Hironobu Sakaguchi announced that the Lost Odyssey premiere event will be held on November 19. The event will feature a concert by game composer Nobuo Uematsu and a playable demo of the game. Along with the announcement of the premier event, Hironobu Sakaguchi released new details concerning the game.

He comments saying that a large focus of the game will be on the tempo; the game will move faster through the story, enemy encounters, and character speed. He says to "picture a densely packed game, where things flow by at a high pace." Along with this heightened game speed, the player will be able to jump to previously visited areas; however, if the player so wishes they will be able to walk the distance as well.

Also mentioned was the skill system implemented in the game, which will differ depending on the character currently in use. A mortal character will develop new skills as they level. However, an immortal character will leech skills off of other characters through a skill link; repeated use of the skill will eventually result in the immortal character learning the chosen skill.

Nobou Uematsu announced that the soundtrack will consist of more than 50 songs, with three vocal tracks. He promises more details about the soundtrack will be available during the Lost Odyssey premiere event.

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Lost Odyssey
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