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Mass Effect Goes Gold, Limited Edition Announced


Mass Effect

The upcoming Xbox 360 sci-fi RPG, Mass Effect, has gone gold as of October 22. Along with the announcement of the game's gold status, Microsoft Game Studios and BioWare have stated that Mass Effect will also be released in a limited collector's edition. Also mentioned, gamers who pre-order either edition will receive an exclusive pre-order disc.

The limited collector's edition will include several bonus materials, including: a 36-page fiction book, a 36-page art book, and a bonus DVD packed with exclusive content. The DVD holds four Mass Effect documentaries, five trailers, ten songs from the original soundtrack, 16 dashboard themes, 18 gamer pics, and designer galleries with over 600 concept images. The DVD also contains content from other Xbox 360 exclusive titles such as videos from Lost Odyssey and Halo 3, as well as a Blue Dragon demo.

As for the pre-order bonus disc, it contains: a short documentary introducing the game, three songs from the original soundtrack, four trailers, eight dashboard themes, and 12 gamer pics. Additionally, the Lost Odyssey, Halo 3, and Blue Dragon content will appear on the pre-order disc exactly as it does on the limited collector's edition bonus DVD.

Both the limited collector's edition and the pre-order disc can be found at participating North American retailers. The regular edition will have a retail price of $59.99, while the limited collector's edition will come with a $69.99 price tag.

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Mass Effect
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