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Free Square Enix MMO Coming Stateside


Concerto Gate

San Jose based game publisher OnNet USA has agreed to publish the Square Enix developed MMO Concerto Gate in the States. Concerto Gate is the sequel to the MMO Cross Gate, which saw great success in Japan and other Asian markets since its release in July of 2001.

Concerto Gate is marked by its ease of familiarity to those fans of console based RPGs through its use of randomly generated battles. The game presents in an art style similar to that of Ragnarok Online, though with a Square Enix touch of flair. The visuals display a creative cross between the Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon and Seiken Densetsu titles.

Unique to Concerto Gate is a world map with "terra generating" elements that will show changes done to landscapes over large period of time. Forests may disappear through extensive tree cutting and small holes dug to search for treasure may eventually grow into larger ones.

OnNet USA is preparing a public beta to begin in the early months of 2008. Concerto Gate will be free-to-play to anyone wanting to experience it.

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Concerto Gate
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