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Climax Returns With a New Princess


Steal Princess

Climax Entertainment, the original developer behind the popular multi-platform series Shining Force has announced their next project; an action RPG for the Nintendo DS called Steal Princess. The plot follows a female bandit name Anis and her attempts to steal treasure from the evil Demon King. There's a twist, however: Anis may or may not be the princess of her homeland, hence the game's title.

Climax is also known for the Genesis RPG Landstalker and its Saturn follow-up, Dark Savior, both of which featured isometric, sprite-based graphics. Steal Princess utilizes the same graphics style with characters navigating a polygonal map. It is unknown as of yet whether the controls of the game will require the DS' stylus tool.

Features include interaction with enemies in which Anis will use their special skills to her advantage, numerous puzzles, and an arsenal of weapons that realistically wear down with each use until they reach a breaking point. Players also must alter their environment to move forward in the game; paths can be created and boulders can be destroyed, for example.

Steal Princess is scheduled to be released in Japan sometime next year by publisher Marvelous Interactive. Whether it will be ported to the US in the future is yet to be determined.

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Steal Princess
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