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Square Enix

Announced at Nintendo's Fall Conference, Square Enix has developed a new Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles game for the Wii. The new game, titled Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Little King, is the fourth game in the series and the first Square Enix game available as an exclusive Wii Ware download.

This new entry into the Crystal Chronicles series is an online "country building RPG" which lets players create and manage their own kingdom. On board designing the game is producer Toshiro Tsuchida, better known as the creator of the Front Mission series. Composing the musical score is Kumi Tanioka, who composed the music for all three previous Crystal Chronicles games. Working on scenario is Motomu Toriyama, who directed Final Fantasy X-2 and is currently directing Final Fantasy XIII.

The game is available for 1,500 points on the Wii Ware channel and is currently set for a Japanese release in March 2008. No word yet of an American release.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Little King
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